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When a consumer searches for elliptical machines, LifeCore isn’t typically the first choice. We wouldn’t consider them to be a “household” brand just yet, but they are becoming quite popular. This is primarily due to their stylish appeal and the one-piece framing, which provides a quality build.

However, due to this high quality choice, LifeCore ellipticals are more expensive than most of their competitors. In addition, the company has added a few new benefits for the 2015 versions:

  • Ball bearing pivot points
  • Cushioned foot pedals
  • Padded handlebars

When choosing a Lifecore model, there are also options with adjustable stride lengths. This will be beneficial for any household, especially if more than one person will be using the elliptical machine.

Another adjustable benefit is the adjustable console. This feature allows you to tilt the machine forwards or backwards, so you can have a perfect view of the display. Here are a few of the Lifecore models available today:

Lifecore LC-985VG Elliptical Trainer

Lifecore LC-985VG Elliptical Trainer

We wanted to start with the LC-985VG because it’s considered one of the most inexpensive Lifecore ellipticals available.   Individuals or families living in more confined space tend to purchase this Lifecore elliptical, because it’s portable and has a small footprint.

You can also adjust the slip-resistant pedals to accommodate any shoe size, and adjust the handlebars for a full-body or half-body workout. The LC-985VG also comes with a heavy flywheel and quality drive belt for more durability.

Just remember to use this elliptical in a way that will match your comfort level. For instance, a 17.5 inch stride is built for people with height disadvantages, not for someone who is 6′ tall. The 985VG also provides workouts for anyone 300lbs and under.

There are plenty of other benefits and features associated with this Lifecore elliptical. If you are interested; take the time to learn more about the Lifecore LC-985VG Elliptical Trainer.

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Lifecore Fitness VSTV4 Elliptical Trainer

Lifecore Fitness VSTV4 Elliptical Trainer

One of the biggest differences between the VSTV4 and other models like the 985VG is that this elliptical has a flywheel fixed near the front of the handlebars. The benefit is you can work your upper body just as hard as the lower body. However, in order to position the flywheel in the front, it has to be a light-weight piece. A light flywheel means the elliptical won’t be as sturdy as some of the other options available from Lifecore.

This Lifecore model comes with:

  • 16 different resistance levels
  • Generous stride lengths
  • Heart rate control programming

When Lifecore built the VSTV4 elliptical model, the goal was to offer a machine that offers balanced energy. This allows the user to optimize their workout times, even if you have a hectic schedule.

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Lifecore CD550 Elliptical

Lifecore CD550 Elliptical

One of the best features associated with the Lifecore CD550 elliptical is quietness. It utilizes magnet-resistance technology so there is no friction, in order to create a silent stride. In addition, you can adjust your stride lengths from as short as 17 inches to as long as 25 inches.

While most Lifecore ellipticals offer 16 resistance levels, the CD550 provides as many as 20 options. The first time we tried this model out, it was very similar to the 985VG. Thanks to the ergonomically made handlebars, the workout is smooth and comfortable, at least for us.

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Researching Lifecore Products

If you want to learn more about any of these ellipticals, it’s important to think about your own workout. Spending the time learning about the pros and cons of each elliptical machine, comparing prices, and knowing what you want out of your model will be crucial components to making the right decision.

However, if LifeCore ellipticals do not offer everything you need, then we recommend you to check out:

We have reviews of all of those ellipticals, and hopefully with a little research, you will find the right Lifecore model that will provide the best workout for you.

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