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Although there are various options out there, Concept 2 and WaterRower are undoubtedly the most impressive and reputable rowing machine manufacturers on the market. Over the years, I have experimented with a wide variety of different rowing machines and the Concept2 Model D is definitely one of my favorites. This machine is great and delivers a very realistic experience, which will be appreciated by real rowers.

The Concept2 Model D is a self-calibrating machine, which allows it to automatically correct its own resistance. This is one of the most popular rowing machines, within the rowing community! In fact, fans of this product even host their own online races! Buying one of these machines will give you the ability to join in on the fun!

However, if you’re only looking for a durable and professionally designed rowing machine, you’ll want to check out one of products from WaterRowers. The machines produced by this particular company tend to operate almost silently, which is definitely a plus! These machines offer a rowing motion, which is very smooth and thoroughly enjoyable. They’re also very easy to store, which makes them acceptable for those with limited space.

Of course, there are many other excellent rowing machines on the market. Lifecore Fitness R100 is an excellent option and is commonly utilized in commercial gyms! The machines are solidly built and are equipped with air/magnetic resistance. The motor is very powerful and will never let you down! This rower’s settings are very easy to adjust and control. Just utilize the computer to switch between six different resistance levels and numerous training programs. This rower also comes with a heart rate monitor, which is very cool.

Finally, there is the Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower. One of the most impressive aspects of this rower is its incredibly affordable price tag! Despite the low price tag, this rower is well built and can last for an extensive period of time. This magnetic rower is fitted with a magnetic resistance system, which is very effective. During rowing, you will never experience an adjustment in impedance, which makes the experience somewhat unrealistic. For someone, who is looking for a great workout and nothing more, the Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower is well worth checking out.

Concept2 Model D/E

This rower is thoroughly impressive in all categories and is definitely one of the best rowers on the market. Its computer monitor is great and will allow you to keep track of all of your progress.

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There is no doubt that this is the most visually impressive rowing machine of all. The wooden design is great and its performance is also very good.

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Lifecore Rowing Machine

This machine is great for individuals that want a touch workout. In fact, if you’re a member of a gym, it is highly likely that you’ve already used one of these machines. Their large monitors are very helpful.

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Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower

This machine is very sleek and nearly silent, during operation. The Drum Magnetic Control System offers a variety of different resistances. It also includes a heart rate monitor.

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What to Look for in a Home Rowing Machine

It is genuinely not a great idea to pretend like you know what the best rowing machine is, since their cost and design varies. Your first decision should be related to which resistance mechanism will suit your needs. The air, magnetic, hydraulic, and water machines are the options that you have to choose from, so make sure that you select one that will fit your workout resilience, financial budget, and whether or not the computer accuracy is important to you. Below you will discover a list of rowing machine features that you should focus on.

Rowing Action

You will not find a rowing machine that will provide you with an authentic rowing experience, where you are on a scull (racing boat) with other oarsmen competing in a competition. While there are a few extra-large machines that are equipped with outriggers and a complex pulley system, they do not make suitable home workout equipment, because of their extremely large size.

The rowing action relies on four different components and features including the catch, which is the point at which the oar blades stroke and catch the water. While rowing in a scull you will experience little resistance at the catch point. At the point, where you are pushing and pulling with your legs, arms, and back this is known as the drive. This is the point, where resistance will increase drastically, until it drops off, before the finish. The finish is where the blades are pulled back out of the water. The recovery is the action of moving forward and preparing for the next catch.

If you are focused on stimulating the rowing action, you should consider the Concep2 and Waterrower, because they will mimic the action better than other ergometers.


The seat is just as important as the computer, because if it is spongy, you will not be able to use your back to complete the rowing action, as if you were in a firm seat.


Take the time to view and test the footrests on the ergometer, because many of them are situated poorly on the machine. This will not only provide an awkward feet position, but it can also cause knee pain. A movable heel rest is very important, because it provides more flexibility. Be sure to purchase a machine with footrests that are large enough to fit your feet perfectly.


Each computer is designed differently, but you will be relying on your computer to provide you with your workout results and an accurate reading. Many of these computers display an inaccurate reading, especially calories burned, which is unfair for the user. If you are an adamant athlete and rely on the computer to help you average your scores, then you definitely need to do a bit of research on the ergometer’s computer accuracy. It has been proven by many former and current rowers that the Concept2 is equipped with one of the best ergometer computer.


There are several different types of resistance systems. These will be explored in more depth below.

Air – These will be equipped with a large drum on the front of the machine. It has a fan on the inside. In order to adjust the resistance, you will need to open and close a baffle. This helps to create a vacuum inside of the drum.

Magnetic – These machines utilize electro magnets, in order to create resistance. These machines require AC power and you will be able to control the resistance on the computer.

Water – With these machines, the blades actually turn inside of a tank of water. Pulling harder can help to make the resistance more difficult. Also, the amount of water in the tank will help to determine the resistance.

Hydraulic – Machines with hydraulic resistances tend to be much less expensive. Unfortunately, they do not replicate a realistic experience.

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